A way to find an available priest for confession, a guide to examine your conscience, a guide for making a good confession. All in one simple app.

How the App Works

Very simply, this app allows the faithful to easily discover if their priest, or another priest in their area, is available to hear their Confession.

Priest Available?

The little light bulb shows the priest is available for confession. Also, the priest indicates how long he will be available, and he can leave a message.

Guide to Confession

The app also shows the Manner of Making a Confession (the “how to” for going to Confession). Also includes the Act of Contrition.

Examination of Conscience

There is a page for making an examination of conscience. When you tap the sin, it lights up, to remind you when you go to Confession.

Find a Priest

A google map shows all priests who are using this app. Also, the faithful have the ability to make their priest their “default priest” on this app.

Available to All Priests

Priests may contact Fr. Heilman to become a “My Confessor App” priest, allowing the faithful to know when he is available for Confession.




My brother priests, please contact me, Fr. Richard Heilman, so I can get you set up as one of the “My Confessor App” priests, allowing the faithful to know when you are available for Confession. Once you are verified, I will instruct you in how to log in and begin to offer your Confession availability information at any time. You will be able to access your account from the mobile app, Go here to see how it works, in the “Contact Fr. Heilman” on the main toolbar.

Contact Fr. Heilman